Skills for Leading Yourself - Creativity

Today, let’s talk CREATIVITY



Einstein said ‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’. I just love that quote. 

He also said ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them’.

I like Einstein!

To keep ourselves relevant in today’s accelerating changes in society and technology, we need to innovate, to think new thoughts, to create something new. 

We need to be creative, we must open up to creativity.

My friend, Leadership Philosopher and Physics Engineer Leif Runar Forsth, has spent years teaching creativity, practical innovation, and creative problem solving to leaders and others, in Norway and abroad. A lot to learn from him!

Another creative approach I value, this one with global outreach, is MIT and Otto Scharmer’s U-lab, applying Theory U (U as in Uniform) to transform business, economies, society and self.  My friend Helio Borges with others, is contributing to the future of Venezuela with this approach!


My favourite creativity approach though, which makes me feel utterly alive, full of vitality, is based on integrative art therapy.

This really harnesses the true power of our creativity by connecting us with our inner, mostly unconscious vibrant life, giving us tools to express it and other tools to bring these expressions into transformative actions and achievements.  Practical leadership in a very unexpected manner!   

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them!


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