Skills for Leading Yourself - Perspective

Let’s end this round of Self-Leadership skills with some PERSPECTIVE



24 years ago, I was taught the art of consulting as a Master of Management Program at BI - the Norwegian School of Management.

The most important tool I took with me is a tool I’ve used very regularly since then. It has become even more important as I’ve delved into the art of leadership.


The tool is Hermeneutics, an interpretation methodology dating from Greek antiquity, mainly used in the humanities, but with practical application to be found in leadership domains. 

It helps us come past our prejudices, understand a situation from several perspectives.

With it we are able to better understand various stakeholders and act strategically, rather than letting ‘events’ happen to us because we didn’t understand them or their implications.

Rather than understanding only a few disparate parts of something given, we are able to fathom the whole elephant – be it one in the room or just a plain organizational one. 

A Leader needs perspective

A leader needs to discern the issues he or she is confronted with.

It may be a strategic  decision  to buy or not to buy,

a consideration of possible collaboration partners,

solving a conflict with minimal damage.

The hermeneutic method is a powerful tool to help you get the best perspective before taking decisions or acting.


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