Diversity - Diversity Icebreaker for Team Development


As we’re warming up for next week’s New Diversity Summit– today let me tell you about the Diversity Icebreaker tool. 




Diversity Icebreaker is a team development product developed in Norway by psychologist Bjørn Ekelund and his company Human Factor AS.

A mechanical engineer friend of mine recommended this tool. she works as designer in a fast growing international high tech company with people from several cultures. She loved this tool!  

Here’s what she said:

Diversity Icebreaker makes people ask, reflect,listen and talk.  

If you can facilitate a group process you can facilitate a diversity breaker workshop.

It’s designed to create a non-judgmental atmosphere through personal sharing and fun interactions.

After completing the 10-minute questionnaire, we engaged in a set of fun group processes. In these few hours we developed a shared understanding of how to make best use of the diversity of our group.

What does the product owner say?

Diversity Icebreaker is a multifunctional tool for:

  • Improved communication
  • Team identity and development
  • Self-awareness
  • Social interaction
  • Appreciating differences
  • Constructive group dynamics
  • Building trust
  • Dialogue
  • Conflict resolution
  • Common understanding of concepts
  • Appreciating diversity
  • Collective reflection

My impression 

I also noticed that it’s used at renown universities and corporations around the world. I guess it’s worth looking into and share the experience. 

As I’ll be travelling I won’t be able to attend, but my fellow board members in the professional group of Ethics and Leadership at Tekna -The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals, will be testing it out in a few weeks in a leadership development workshop we’re organising, and I’ll make sure to let you know how they felt about this new diversity tool.

This is yet another aspect of diversity and inclusive leadership.   I hope to see you in next week’s Diversity Summit, don’t forget to register!

>> Register here to join us at the New Diversity Summit <<

That’s it for today. See you tomorrow for a new conscious life conscious leadership flash briefing. 

Until then, take care!

Friendly yours, Lise


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