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Skills for Leading Yourself - Vision

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Today’s skill for self leadership is:  VISION

Let’s look at the biggest picture, at least for each one of us,  namely your personal life vision.

After all – if you already have or are going to spend all those years in some leader role, I suppose you have a wish, maybe conscious or still unconscious to you, that your life and contribution is meaningful as it makes a difference in some way or another.   

- John Kennedy dreamed of putting a man on the moon.

- Eleanor Roosevelt envisioned a world of equal opportunity for women and minorities.

- Alfred Nobel having contributed to explosives and war industry willed part his fortune to contribute to future international peace. 

- Nelson Mandela spent years in prison in his fight against apartheid .

- Mother Theresa vowed to give "wholehearted free service to the poorest of the poor. 

- Gandhi  used nonviolent civil disobedience...

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Skills for Leading Yourself - Responsibility

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This week I’d like us to continue from last week with the most important skills  of leading yourself. Today’s skill being RESPONSIBILITY

As a leader you have responsibility towards owners, customers, clients, followers, suppliers, relations.

Responsibility can be formal, informal, legal, moral, professional, corporate, individual, collective, social. 

Again, and as always, it starts with taking responsibility for yourself. Are you someone life happens upon or do you take charge?

Your responsibility lies in controlling what you can control, influence to your best where you don’t have control, accept what you cannot control nor influence – and act accordingly.

Now --- You can choose to act or be acted upon, but in the end – you decide what you choose!

Responsibility gives you freedom, with freedom follows responsibility. 

As Victor Frankl, the Austrian psychiatrist survivor of...

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Skills for Leading Yourself - Energy

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We’ve come to number 3 of most important skills of leading yourself: ENERGY

Energy is what I’m lacking today, because of a serious cold.

What depletes your energy level? 

For me it would bad thoughts, negative emotions, transgressing on my limits,  to take on the burdens of others, trying to influence someone rigid, worries, conflicts, brain dead entertainment

Enough about that!

What are some good energy boosters?

For me again that would be nature, daylight, sitting outside our cabin in the mountains listening to silence, visiting a book store, having good conversations about meaningful topics, but also being silent together, kayaking, doing a round of qigong which is very much a dynamic meditation practice, listening to music ...

and on days like these – plenty of rest and sleep.

What gives you more energy?    

Enjoy your weekend and make sure to fill your batteries with good energy!

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True motivation, life vision and community building

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Today's talk is about true motivation, life vision and community building. Important topics for you to reflect upon.

True motivation

True motivations is what lies behind your pains, your reasons to act, deep inside you, perhaps even subconscious and unknown to your every day life consciousness


  • You want to make a difference and have an impact on your surroundings
  • You want your life to matter for yourself and the posterity
  • You want a meaning and purpose for your life – a life vision
  • You want to leave a legacy for your children
  • You want to help others
  • You want to live your life to the fullest
  • You want to contribute to reach the UNs sustainable development goals, also called the SDGs, for the earths future
  • You want to contribute to prososial living together

That certainly is my motivation. My life vision is to help people like you become more conscious so...

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