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Conflict Management - The downsides

 This week on A Conscious Life Conscious Leadership Flash Briefing, a slightly unpleasant topic:




I’m not afraid of conflicts. At times they can be quite useful. And other times they can be devastating.

Let’s start with the downsides:  

Downsides of conflicts

For too long I’ve been dragging a conflict situation with me. I had hoped it could be solved years ago, and kept hoping.

However, it’s true as a former colleague, now IBM Leader told me:

‘it doesn’t help you being right or wanting something solved if the other side doesn’t want to listen or contribute to any solution’ - Paul V.

You can perhaps here a certain sadness and sorrow in my voice today.

That is one side of it, another side is anger and frustration.

The worst is when you start your path downhill, basically losing yourself. When you feel overwhelmed, a no good, a know nothing, hopeless, shameful, paralyzed, slowly dying!

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