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Skills for Leading Yourself - Prosocial caring

Today’s Self-Leadership skill is PROSOCIAL CARING



In my years studying the most important leadership skills, the word LOVE turned up as a one of them.

Although I agree with the principle, for an engineer and rationalist like me, and probably many leaders with the same or similar background as the one I come from, that word is not obvious.

Prosocial caring has a different connotation. Prosocial caring is easier to say.  

When you look at the human condition – which we all are part of – we all survive and thrive through love / I mean prososial caring. 

As infants, we all depend on our caretakers to give us adequate support.

We are social animals, we need security, belonging, recognition, acceptance. This never ends. It doesn’t end at the office door either.  

Pete Townshend sings it so well in The who’s Rock Musical Tommy

‘ See me, feel me, touch me, heal me!’

 When you lead others, you need to care for...

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